Great Quotes

I just finished listening to an interview with my friend Dennis Becker and near the end he revealed a few of his favorite quotes.

Failure is your friend

No hocus pocus, just focus

Good enough is good enough

Money likes speed

If you keep on doing the things you’ve been doing you’ll keep on getting the things you’ve been getting.

Think outside the box

If you think you can or you think you can’t you’re probably right.

Dennis is the famous 5 buck guy and can really realign your thinking about business in general and also making money on the internet.  In my opinion Dennis has one of the best ‘insiders clubs’ on the internet at Earn 1k a Day.

He recently turned his original ‘5 buck letter’ into a full blown product called the 5 Bucks A Day System.  You can also test out his Earn 1k a Day Insider’s Club for 10 days for a very low price.

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