Six Figure Elite Review – Steve Goltiao

I’ve been building ebay affiliate sites for over 3 years now so I’m not a newbie to this game.  I currently have over 250 affiliate sites and 30 or so of them are ebay sites in a couple of high dollar niches.

Unfortunately, since ebay changed their payout model last year my income has dropped significantly and I’ve been considering switching them to another model.  That is, until I met Steve.

Several weeks ago I joined a membership site that is designed for more serious internet marketers to learn from each other and move their businesses to the next level (contact me if you’re interested).  I soon entered into a conversation with several members about this leaky profit center in my business model.  It became evident that a number of members had turned their ebay businesses around recently and one name came to the forefront when asked how they did it – Steve Goltiao

Steve's Earnings +$10,000 After First Month

I looked up Steve and started to explain what was happening to my ebay income since their payout change.   I soon learned that he was such a major player in ebay affiliate marketing that ebay asked him to be part of the beta testing.  Needless to say Steve knows the insider secrets of the new payment model.

Steve immediately found a couple of problems with my sites and I took steps to fix them.  It just so happens that Steve was just finishing up a product that has all his methods wrapped into one report.

Whether you’re brand new to ebay sites or want to tweak your existing system I can guarantee you’ll make back the purchase price of Six Figure Elite several times over in your first month’s increased income.

There is an axiom about making money in business – “Go Where The Buyers Are”.  Ebay is the largest marketplace online (hint: it’s not just an auction site) and if you want the absolute no-brainer business model you’ll leverage this huge source of buyers to grab a percentage of every sale.  Six Figure Elite is a must read before you make your first move.  Don’t make the mistakes I did and then have to redo them.  Do it right the first time :)

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Author Dean Martin has been an offline and online business owner for more than 20 years.  You can find him on the HJC forum and 250+ or so other sites he owns and manages.

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