Top 3 Home Data Entry Job Opportunities

Looking for at home jobs for data entry? Search no more because we have compiled a list for you. I know how hard it is when looking through the Internet for legit home jobs concerning data entry.  You may come across many survey sites that will ask for you upfront money on their courses and this is most likely a scam so be sure to steer clear of anything program that asks for money first. You don’t even need to search for home jobs on the Internet. Coming up with an idea yourself and finding the right platforms to advertise on is the ultimate way to make money online. If you know how to do small tasks like eBay posting, Craigslist ads, writing articles, or even designing – you already have the gift to work online. Fortunate enough for you, there are many free ways to advertise your business or service you want to provide people. There is a large demand for these types of jobs because many people already have 9-5 jobs and simply cannot put in the time to do this themselves so they must hire someone else to. Here are the current top 3 home jobs for data entry.

Article Writing: If you have the gift of creating informative pieces of writing or even stories, you are already in business. However, you might run into a small bump of creating your portfolio online. For a few days, try writing a couple articles for free by advertising through different Classified sites. Many people need articles and if they see your quality, they’ll want to hire you for more projects. This gives you a chance to build a steady client base while also producing your online portfolio. You could also write at websites like InfoBarrel, Hubpages or Firehow. This way you will write while earning extra cash.

Video Creation: Many online marketers need people to create videos for them and this is one of the easiest, most untapped ways to make money. It hasn’t been saturated by others yet because most people don’t have the proper equipment to create a video. If you have a great voice and the tools to do this, it is a wonderful way to make money online. Some of the top companies online are charging anywhere from $300 to $500 for 5 minutes of video which is simply outrageous. You could offer lower rates and get a handful of people purchasing videos from you if they meet the same quality of these companies or somewhat similar. This is a great way to meet other successful marketers online and provide your services to them. Most home jobs for data entry are tedious, but video creation requires little data entry so this is perfect for some people who want to rotate services.

Programming: For those of you who know about raw HTML or CSS, this is a wonderful opportunity to earn money online through data entry. However, you will be competing with many other design companies. A good way to build your portfolio is make a series of free websites (up to 3) with one to two pages so this way you don’t over work yourself. Go ahead and promote your current clients for 10% of the sale if they refer your web design services to a friend . This way you are inviting them to earn money while referring people at the same time. This is one of the ways I started to get web design clients. Trust me, after you get a few solid referrals – people will definitely put the word in about your freelance design services.

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